Starlight Connect is a digital information and knowledge sharing platform that has as major intention to showcase the importance of geophysical sciences and their applications in our world. Categories include, but are not limited to: meteorology, weather, severe weather, animals, photography, weather, climatology, oceanography, geophysics, others.

Starlight Connect is a project by Sara Vanessa da Silva that has a major intention to share about geosciences. It does not and will never discriminate against culture, race, place of origin, religion, political preference, sexual preference or any other that can be perceived as unfairly discriminatory.

Starlight Connect is not associated / affiliated / in partnership or collaboration with anyone / institution / University or business / company. In case this changes, it will be explicitly mentioned here. Starlight Connect is a solo project by me, and intends to continue as such until further notice.

Starlight Connect shares news written by news outlets, individuals, geoscientists about geosciences and related. I will always mention my posts’ sources. My intention, at this time, is to showcase individuals and news that write and mention any of the three geosciences. Due to the political character that Climate Change has right now, and because Starlight Connect is non political and doesn’t take sides, I have decided to abstain from sharing about Climate Change on a regular basis. I will, however, add a section that will remain up for a month, when international climate summits happen where world leaders are present.

Starlight Connect looks forward to reply to any questions you might have. In order to submit them please head to the tab that reads “Contact” and submit them.

Also, please know: this website shares at times affiliate links, so when you make a purchase using my link you are contributing to the maintenance of this website. When these links are shared, a notice of the possibility of profit will be added to them so that you know you are contributing to a dream 🙂

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