“Alaska experiences 8.2 magnitude earthquake, largest in decades” – Yahoo News

"Alaska experiences 8.2 magnitude earthquake, largest in decades" - Yahoo News

Hawaii History: Mauna Loa

Hawaii geophysics history: Mauna Loa 1975 eruption

Fault ⚡

Word of the Week: fault.

6.1 M earthquake North of Indonesia 📍

A 6.1 M earthquake was felt East of the Philippines trench, NE of Manado, the capital of the Indonesian province Sulawesi at 100631 UTC + 1.

5 National Hawaii Parks 🌋

Hawaii magazine publishes article naming the five top natural parks in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Islands Chain Formation 🌋

Hawaii is a set of volcanic islands that erupted from the sea. Read how USGS explains their formation: https://www.usgs.gov/observatories/hawaiian-volcano-observatory/evolution-hawaiian-volcanoes https://twitter.com/usgsvolcanoes/status/1402324398116413442?s=21 Sara ☀️ Images: USGS  

Mysterious Green Light in an Indonesian Volcano 🌋

A mysterious green light has been seen as coming out of a volcano in Indonesia 😳 https://twitter.com/theinsiderpaper/status/1400554323013083138?s=21 Image and source: inside paper Sara ☔️⛈

Word / Expression Of The Week: Ring Of Fire

Ring of Fire is a geophysical expression that pertains to the boundaries of the huge oceanic Pacific Ocean tectonic plate. t the borders of...


Geophysics is the geophysical science = geoscience that studies / researches / is concerned in understanding our planet's physical phenomena. Few phenomena that geophysics...

4.1 Mauna Loa earthquake – No tsunami warning

Mauna Loa is one of the five volcanoes that form the beautiful islands of Hawai’i. The Hawai’ian island chain - volcanic in nature  and...