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“Perseid meteor shower lights up the sky” – Reuters

"Perseid meteor shower lights up the sky" - Reuters

Perseids meteor shower

Perseids meteor shower can be seen in the night sky until August 24th, read more...

“NASA invites the public to watch the Starliner launch virtually” –...

NASA invites everyone to virtually watch Starliner launch

NASA’s next mission – Forbes

NASA's next mission - Forbes

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Lightning in Mars FIT research ⚡️⛈

FIT planetary sciences assistant professor is researching lightning in Mars.

Speed of light visualization 😃

We all know that to us, humans, light is the fastest thing in the Universe (up to this date). Also, we know Einstein defined...

Partial solar eclipse ☀️

There’s a partial solar eclipse going on just now!!! The moon is passing right on top of the sun. The eclipse will cover around...

Mysterious Green Light in an Indonesian Volcano 🌋

A mysterious green light has been seen as coming out of a volcano in Indonesia 😳 https://twitter.com/theinsiderpaper/status/1400554323013083138?s=21 Image and source: inside paper Sara ☔️⛈

Giant Magellan Telescope view 😳😍

“View from one of the highest and driest regions on earth, the Giant Magellan Telescope site at Las Campanas Peak. With an altitude of...