Hello there! Happy October 2020!

Climate Variability is a branch of Meteorology that studies changes in climate. Research is focused on the many factors that contribute for changes in our planet’s climate. Over the next few days, I will be explaining through my posts right here on Starlight Connect website, many of them.

Climate Variability set of factors include but are not limited to:

  • Galactic Variations
  • Milankovitch Cycles
  • Solar Cycles
  • ENSO
  • NAO
  • AMO
  • IOO
  • PDO
  • Julian-Madden Oscillation
  • Atmospheric waves
  • Anthropogenic influence in the atmosphere (currently outlooks on this item diverge and this topic is at the moment highly debatable)
  • others

Join me on twitter and instagram to read about these over the next few days. Have an understanding of all of these, explained by me 🙂 with my very own writing / speaking accent, in an accessible language and way that will make YOU understand!

I look forward to writing all these posts with you in mind!


Sara Vanessa C. Rodrigues da Silva

Meteorologist (MSc), Geophysicist (BSc), Author

Image: NOAA

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