Lyrids meteor shower occurs between April 16th through April 26th with its peak on April 21st – 22nd.

Lyrids owe their name to the constellation Lyra of which star Vega belongs. Vega’s Lyra’s brightest star.

Vega has been one of favorite stars to mention in Hollywood movies and other creative works over time.

Science parameters of Lyrids meteor shower:

Radiant: Lyra constellation

Speed: 48km/s

Zenithal hourly rate: 18/h

Parent body: comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher

Lyrids are thought to be the first meteor shower human kind has ever watched. There’s records in history showing it was seen on the skies more than 2500 years ago.

Meteor showers were one of the first astronomic events humans have watched in the skies. It was because of meteors that the science of meteorology got its name from.

Meteorology was defined by ancient philosophers as the science that studies celestial phenomena and celestial phenomena at that time were called meteors.

Lyrids meteor shower can be seen through April 26th. Blessings sky gazing and meteor showers hunting 🙂

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