Many people feel drawn to look at the ocean while thinking about the most various topics. For millenniums, the ocean has been something that speaks directly to human beings, and they seek for it often for inspiration, exploration, traveling and leisure. What many people do not know about is how the ocean is a complex fluid with currents, sub currents, under currents that influence regional and global weather and climate more than one could imagine.

The coupled system ocean – atmosphere and the associated climate variability patterns have more influence on Earth’s climate than one would guess. Motions in ocean currents, as well and changes in undercurrents, impact the atmosphere and its response. To fully evaluate how climate changes in time since the beginning of times, one needs to consider both of these fluids: atmosphere and ocean, as well as the relationship between them.

Stay tuned for more. If you love the ocean, you will love my future posts about it.

Sara Vanessa C. Rodrigues da Silva

Meteorologist (MSc), Geophysicist (BSc), Author, Starlight Connect founder

Image source: National Geographic, USA

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