Last Fall in temperate regions, there were both positive and negative anomalies against the climatology average (1961 – 1990). Also, this variability was observable that for specific regions in a negative anomality for certain months and positive anomality on others. Meaning, for example on the East Coast of the US the anomality was negative in September and then positive in October and November. The composite of Fall months anomalities show that near the coast the overall anomality for Eastern US was positive. Precipitation variability for fall seasons is a topic that would benefit for more research on. We know that ENSO influences winter months precipitation worldwide, perhaps this tendency would be observable as well during fall as a prediction for it. The attached fall 2019 precipitation anomality map is NOAA’s. Its link is explicitly shared in the section of this post reserved to sources.

Sara Vanessa C. Rodrigues da Silva

Meteorologist (MSc), Geophysicist (BSc), Author, Starlight Connect founder

Source: NOAA,[]=map-prcp#global-maps-select

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