Weather forecast is a statistical prediction of the state of the atmosphere in a future time, at a precise location. Weather forecasters, nowadays, analyze weather data and run sophisticated and developed weather models (global and non global) that return a a possible atmospheric state in the future. Different models can return different results, depending on two major factors: initial conditions (for that model run) and boundary conditions (for that model run). Forecasters unite their knowledge in Meteorology, past experience and forecast models results to produce the most reliable weather forecast possible. 

Weather forecast and weather broadcast are related but they are not synonyms. Weather broadcasters can be Meteorologists (weather forecasters) or not (journalists or news anchors), however weather forecasters are Meteorologists. Weather forecast is a part of an exact science = Meteorology, whether weather broadcasting is a mix between communication and Meteorology (that doesn’t have to be at the research level). 

Weather forecasters can be researchers, professors, scholars or work for US National institutions such as the National Weather Center (only accepts US citizens), that focus on studying past weather, current weather, weather models and everything involved so that weather forecasting can evolve in time and they can accurately predict a future weather state. 

model = computer program 

Image: Met Graphics

Sara Vanessa Wxx 

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