This week the word of the week is not really a word but an acronym 🙂 

In case you have noticed, there’s many accounts on Twitter whose username ends in WX or WXX. What do they mean? 

They both mean weather, although:

  • WX is commonly used by weather broadcasters and in morse code. 
  • WXX is used by meteorologists who do not necessarily present the weather on TV 

Also, you may have noticed there’s many weather companies, meteorology companies and climate companies whose names end in WX, so now you know why. 

Every time you see WX or WXX in TV stations, magazines, companies, you can bet it’s weather related. 

WXX is more generic than WX, WX refers to weather prediction / broadcast while WXX refers to any part of weather research / study / work. 

Sara ⛅

Images:, WXUSA


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